From the Web Site Control Panel, you’ll be able to watch over all aspects of your Internet presence. You’ll have access to descriptive statistics, which will give you up–to–the–minute information about the server resources your sites are utilizing and the views they are having. You’ll also find numerous relevant info about our web servers as a whole. The info is broken into portions, which enables you to quickly find your path around.

Server Info

Look at the server’s OS, IP address, etc.

In the Web Statistics Manager area of the Web Site Control Panel, you’ll get live details about the server such as the Operating System that is utilized or the actual IP address of your account. At the same time, you will discover very helpful details for your web development plans including the present versions of PHP, MySQL and Perl, as well as the setup Perl modules. Mail server info like the sendmail path or the incoming and outbound maill servers is also provided.

The whole set of web hosting server facts are exposed in an easy–to–read manner so that you can locate the facts you need.

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Access & Error Logs

Learn how visitors interact with your site

Through the Access & Error Logs section of the Hosting Mainly for NFP Organizations Web Site Control Panel, you are able to trigger and keep track of the access and error listing for your websites hosted in your hosting services account. The access log is a listing of all of the files featured on your web page (including text files, image files, movie files, and so forth) that readers have requested to see.

The error log is a range of pretty much all warning and malfunction messages involving your website. It will help you keep away from any kind of eventual problems with the site’s functionality.

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Traffic Statistics

Have a look at the traffic to your website in depth

By way of the web stats applications integrated into the Hosting Mainly for NFP Organizations Web Site Control Panel, you’ll be able to keep track of the traffic on your site in the greatest detail. You can choose in between a couple of well–liked statistics tools – Webalizer and Awstats, both of which give you more information about the visitors to your site plus the articles they read on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

It’s not necessary to setup anything beforehand to have traffic details for your websites. Within the Website Traffic Reports area of your Web Site Control Panel, just go to the information file for any selected domain and get hold of the facts that you require for your marketing strategies.

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CPU Stats

Check your websites’ server load

The CPU statistics integrated as part of your Web Site Control Panel will offer live info of the load that is made in your web hosting account by your applications, database queries, etc. Thus, the more dynamic and complex your site is, the more web server assets it will require to always be working efficiently.

The server load report is provided in an easily readable method and gives you details about the web server load generated per day, monthly or annually. This accurate data will help keep you up to date on the web server memory usage at virtually any second and will assist you to stop your web sites from moving offline in consequence of web server overload (reached CPU usage limits).

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