A data center is a facility which contains a lot of hosting servers. The hosting servers could be used for a number of functions - web hosting, file and picture storage, computing, and so forth. All bigger companies which offer online services have their machines in one or a number of data centers as such a facility can offer the desired environment and security for the information stored on the machines. This includes environmental controls for the humidity and temperature so as to ensure the optimum performance and long life of the machines, backup generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical protection as to make sure that your data can't be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A badly performing data center can easily undermine the services a business provides.

Data centers in Cloud Website Hosting

If you opt to sign up for one of our cloud website hosting plans, you'll have a choice between five of the best data centers on three different continents - Colohouse in Chicago, USA, UK Servers in Coventry, United Kingdom, S3Company in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ficolo in Pori, Finland and Amaze in Sydney, AU. This shall permit you to select a spot closer to your site visitors, so they shall be able to enjoy high loading speeds all the time. Every facility has multi-gigabit connectivity, excellent environmental controls and skilled 24/7 technical support, which is exactly why we work with them for a long time. Because they provide excellent server maintenance, we are able to focus on perfecting our hosting services so as to present you with the best possible service without having to worry about our machines. We've employed our advanced cloud platform in all five locations, so you could benefit from it and enjoy an outstanding service irrespective of the data center that you select.

Data centers in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you opt to obtain one of the semi-dedicated server solutions that we offer, you shall have 5 data centers to select from - Colohouse in Chicago, USA, UK Servers near Coventry, UK, S3Company in Sofia, BG, Amaze in Sydney, AU and Ficolo in Pori, Finland. All five places are available on the signup page and we use these facilities since we've experienced the high level of service they provide over time. The data centers are amongst the biggest ones within their respective country and they provide terrific conditions for the servers that are part of our highly effective cloud hosting platform in which all semi-dedicated accounts are set up. They all have direct fiber routes to many big cities on each continent, backup Internet service providers and diesel generators, so irrespective of which location you will pick during the order procedure, you will benefit from a speedy Internet hosting service without interruptions of any sort. In the event that some unpredicted problem presents itself, it's sorted out in amatter of minutes by skilled technical support teams that are available 24/7.

Data centers in VPS Servers

We provide KVM-based VPS servers in all different locations so as to offer you a choice to obtain an account in the most appropriate one depending on the region that you'd like to target. The fast loading speeds and uninterrupted access to your sites are guaranteed by using redundant Tier-3 ISPs, while the continuous work of the hosting servers is ensured by effective diesel generators and a separate enterprise-class UPS attached to each one of our web servers. The data centers also employ last gen network devices and any issues which could appear are handled by experienced on-site tech support crews. By housing our servers within these fantastic facilities, we are able to spend more time and efforts to provide you with a bigger far better selection of services for your Internet sites.

Data centers in Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers that we offer to our potential and present clients are kept in one of the major data centers in North America - the Colohouse facility, that's located in Chicago, IL. The superb location in the heart of the continent is the reason for a number of companies to choose the data center for their servers as direct fiber routes to several of the major cities through several Tier-3 Internet service providers guarantee wonderful access speeds. This redundancy and effective diesel generators which can easily keep the entire facility working for days ensure that your dedicated server will be working and accessible irrespective of any infrastructural problems or natural disasters. We also have spare parts there and a skilled technical support team that is available 24/7 to handle any hardware problem which could turn up. By using a dedicated machine in our Chicago data center, you'll enjoy a fast and secure Internet hosting service and you will be able to reach tens of millions of Internet users easily.